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Welcome to the YES Camp 2014 web site.

This year at YES Camp there will be a number of changes to the program which will provide each camper with skills never before offered. The application process has been changed so that the camper can start getting ready before the camp begins. More classes and activities have been included which will greatly benefit the camper, the camper’s family and indeed, the camper’s community.

Since its inception, YES Camp has included many of the subjects offered by several disaster preparedness and response organizations. Many of the YES Camp presentations met or exceeded “qualification” requirements, so it only seemed logical to add a subject or two that would completely qualify the campers in another nationally recognized program. With the assistance and provision of resources from other non-profit organizations, YES Camp will be able to certify each camper in the nation-wide program known as CERT (Community Emergency Response Team). Many of the skills called for in the CERT program are already offered in YES Camp. Others are being added to satisfy all CERT teaching points. This program is uniquely presented here, but applies anywhere CERT is recognized throughout the United States.

The YES Camp First Aid and CPR program has always exceeded minimum requirements for certification through the American Red Cross, American Heart Association, and other recognized standards. Our program has been reviewed by the County Emergency Medical Services authority which also offers certification. The testing and performance standards have always been high. We have added skills which will better prepare the campers for the often rural conditions in which they live, or during a major disaster when medical and fire services will be overtaxed and they will have to be ready to care for a patient under less than ideal conditions.

A CALSTAR nurse discusses patient by aircraft. Note the camper on the ground is about to be loaded onto the helicopter by fellow campers!

Fire is an ever present danger no matter where you are. YES Camp has provided training in prevention and suppression every year. We include training in the use of hand tools to enhance the fire fighting portion of the activities. We also provide an introduction to various rescue techniques to include the use of a Hearst Tool, or “Jaws of Life”. A “cribbing” activity has been added that will teach campers how to move a heavy object off a victim enough to remove them from that danger. These activities all

require team work – something that is emphasized throughout the program.

Law Enforcement will continue to emphasize teamwork through the use of traffic stops, building searches and crises intervention. The drug awareness sessions give the campers an opportunity to learn about the effects of drugs and lets them go “nose to nose” with law enforcement officers about problems they have seen, or get answers to questions they have not been able to ask in the past.

Campers prepare a clear area using hand tools in preparation for fire extinguisher training.

Swimming! Ah, yes. A great deal of fun and in very high demand by the campers (after all, it is Summer camp). YES Camp does not teach swimming. It is a skill every person should have – “dog paddle” does not count. The ability to stay on the surface and go quickly from one point to another is an essential skill to everyone. Interestingly, in past years, most applicants stated that he/ she could swim on the application (swimming is not a requirement for this camp). The first thing the campers have to do when they go to the lake is take a swimming test. Less than half the campers who said they could swim passed the “beginners” test and were restricted to shallower waters. Impromptu lessons were offered by the lifeguards during the short time they had in the water. It is highly recommended that everyone take swimming lessons. Contact your local American Red Cross Chapter.

This year is going to be very busy and unlike previous years in many ways. The graduation day contests will actually be performance test for individuals and their teams. This meets all the CERT requirements, and more. At the end of the week, the campers, counselors, instructors and staff will be exhausted – but the lessons learned and the memories made will last a lifetime.

Please watch the video – it shows YES Camp far better than words can describe.

Hope to see you at YES Camp.



Some borrowed mottos that might apply to YES Camp (Do you have any?):

“Nothing less than your best” - Ojai Valley School

“To do all your work, in the world as you can, ‘til the best you can do is all done.” Thacher School

“P.R.I.D.E.” Professional Results In Daily Effort

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